Friday, June 1, 2007

Who are you proud of?

When I drove the kids to school this morning (all 5 of them, we have our friends 3 kids for the weekend as well!), they were having this discussion on one of the morning radio programs. "Who are you proud of?" so I thought what a great idea to post today.

I am proud of my kids. Each one of them.

Laci, Misti and Jordan: I am so very proud of each of them for triumphing over adversity and against all that they had stacked against them. They have each grown to be an amazing adult- kind, giving, responsible. I am lucky to have them in my life.

Cortney: she has been through a lot as well, but she is growing into such a well-adjusted, kind, loving, and sweet young lady. I am so proud when other parents complement me on how thoughtful she is.

Jordanna: my creative spirit! She is tenacious, imaginitive, and so smart. I am so proud of the artist that she is becoming. The whole world is open to her and I am excited to see what she becomes.

Ashlyne: the princess! I am proud of what a good big sister she is to Laney. Also, she is so smart, creative and helpful. I am also proud of the fashion sense this girl has! She can dress and accesorize! :)

Laney: my daredevil, the fearless one! I am proud of you for figuring out how not to be overlooked in a large family! You are smart, strong, and beautiful. I know that you will give us plenty of moments to feel proud in the years to come.

I adore each of you and find something in each day that reminds me why I do this "job" I do. Seeing you each grow into your own person, an amazing person, is the reward.

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Mark & Kyla said...

Wow!!! We just read your post of how proud you are of your children and as the tears rolled down our faces, it reminded us of how proud dad and I are of you and the woman, daughter & mother you have become and wanted to take this time to express it to you once again, as I don't think these things can ever be said to much. Your beautiful words and wisdom you expressed so eloquently. They are all blessed to have as their mother and in their lifes. We love you very much, Mom & Dad