Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Snow!!

So last week was the start of Spring, and we are also now in daylight savings time. Wouldn't it be safe for one to assume that sunshine and warmer temperatures were on their way. Well, as you know, one should never assume....
As last night we were hit with surprise snow showers, and (gasp) accumulation of that snow! It was crazy. So about 5pm we all bundled up and went outside to enjoy a bit of what will hopefully be our last snowfall this year.
Cortney, Laney and Ash just out the front door...
Laney.."See snow!!"

Jordanna likes to eat the snow.

Craig and Cortney threw snowballs at each other...

Here Laney was trying to catch the snow on her glove..

We went to the park in our development to play..

And here are the loves of my life... :)

So while it was temporary fun...we want our sunshine and warmer temps!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from all of us! We sincerely hope that you had a great day!! Ours was quiet and different. No big dinner, and Cortney and Jordanna were gone all day. We woke up in the morning to Easter baskets for Ashlyne and Laney....

Here is a smile from Laney!!! I guess candy can coax one out of her!

Craig and I hid 128 eggs in the backyard for the two of them to find. They were all stuffed with candy, so needless to say...we have a lot of candy around here today!

And then we went out to breakfast, and were surprised the Easter Bunny was hanging out at Denny's....
Where's the picture with Laney? LOL...she would go nowhere near that Bunny!! She did follow his every move in the restaurant though!
Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

learning to ride a bike..

Saturday was a beautiful clear and sunny day here. Which was great, as our Homeowners Assoc. had organized an Easter Egg Hunt that morning. Ashlyne and Laney really enjoyed that and got quite a bit of candy.
A little later that afternoon, Craig took Ashlyne out for bike riding lessons. It went very well and she was able to ride for a few moments without Dad holding on!! Check out the pictures below!

You can see the look of determination on her face! A few more lessons and I'm sure she'll be riding all over!!