Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sunny day, everything's a-okay...

Here are a few pictures from the park on Tuesday afternoon.
Ashlyne, one of her teacher's- Mrs. Samples, and her friend Chloe:
Ashlyne and her friends Ashley and Kate

Laney being the monkey that she is:

That's my beautiful girl!

Laney going down the slide

So yesterday was a scorcher- 92* was our high in Tacoma. Good Lord that is warm for May!! I have a feeling it is going to be a very warm summer, which could be good and bad. We'll try to keep it on the good side! I'm already exploring options and making list of things the kids and I can do for free or darn cheap this summer. No sitting at home day after day after day boooored. So wish me luck. If you have any ideas, send 'em my way!

Today is another beautiful Pacific Northwest Day! It is about 82* right now, which I must say I prefer to 92*!
Preschool is all wrapped up for the year. Ashlyne had her last day on Friday and on Tuesday they had a family picnic at the park. One last chance to play and have fun together. She'll be in Kindergarten in September, I can hardly believe it.
Hopefully we'll either be back down in the district and school zone or at the very least, we will get our out of district waiver approved. I'll have a kindergartener, a 5th grader and a 6th grade. And Jordan will be a Senior in high school! It will be busy year, not to mention I'll still have Laney at home!
Have a beautiful Thursday!

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Marilyn said...

What a terrific idea for sharing your family updates. I would have loved to have done that years ago. It is a great way to maintain good communication especially with out of town family. My husband Craig did a blog of out family trip to Europe and people seemed to really enjoy it. I thought it was a bit long but the comments were positive. It is a good way to share photos, etc. as people can view it when it is convenient for their schedule.