Monday, June 25, 2007

Relay for Life and End of the School Year

This weekend was the Relay for Life. I, Cortney and Jordanna arrived at the Relay just after it began at 6pm on Friday. Our entire team did great, raising over $2000 and walking over 10 miles each one of us. Cortney walked 15 and Jordanna walked almost 20. I came in with 11, which was no small feat either. Jordanna slept for a couple hours early Sat. morning and I slept for about an hour that morning. Cortney didn't sleep until we got in the car and headed home Saturday night. I'm so proud of my girls for participating fully in the Relay this year. I didn't hear either of them complain at all and they gave it 110% for sure. It was amazing!
Unfortunatly, I am not sure what the heck I was doing (hmm, walking?) but I didn't take any pictures except for the luminaries.

Today was the last day of school. This morning I checked the mail for Saturday's mail. There were 3 letters in there from the Puyallup School District with our approvals for all 3 of the girls into Maplewood for next year!!!!!!!! I was so ecstatic! It is such a relief to know that they are in for next year. Especially because I didn't think we were going to hear until August.

The girls' report cards were WONDERFUL! All their grades were either the same or improved, and the comments from their teachers were great too. I'm just beaming with pride today!

And I picked up all the registration papers for Ashlyne for kindergarten today too. I will turn that in this week. :) I'm excited to be able to finally register her for Kindergarten- and so is she!

So that is our update! Have a great week!


Kellikat said...

Oh I am so flipping glad for you to get the 'letter'! I am a little sad the twins won't be there...but we will hook them up for first grade. Do you know if you got afternoon or morning?

Corina said...

I was seriously almost crying when I got the letter Kel! :) We were a pretty happy group about it!
Mrs. Vesey is teaching 1st grade this fall, so maybe they can all have her for 1st :)

No idea about morning or afternoon, doesn't really matter I guess. I have to be there anyway.