Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sleepin Cutie...

This is just too cute to not share...Last Friday (Black Friday)Laney fell asleep about 8pm in the chair in her room watching a movie. She hadn't napped that day and we had visited Santa that day and watched the bridge lighting in Sumner. It was a full day and if you look close you can even spy some candy residue on her face. ;-)
She was OUT for the count.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My little soccer player

So soccer season has ended, with our final game last Saturday morning. (woohoo no more early Saturdays in the cold!). We had the team party on Wednesday. The girls got adorable bobble head trophies and certificates. Coach Scotty gave each girl a special award. Our Ashlyne earned the "Most Inspirational Player" award!! :) I couldn't be more proud of her. Here she is accepting her award.... WAY TO GO ASHY!!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Home Improvement Project #1

When we bought the house the family room looked like this on the far wall...the "tv" shelf was neat architecturally, but wouldn't fit our big ole tv. And I wasn't too fond of the burnt copper color. So on to our first home improvement project. We had Frank come over and cut the opening to fit our television and then framed it in. I also chose a new paint color "plum shade", and Craig started the painting last night. So here is the after:

We aren't done painting to the right of the shelf and fireplace, and we are still going to drill a hole through the right of the tv shelf to run the wires for the cable box and dvd player. But its getting there...

Welcome to November..

Wow!! November already! Its amazing how fast time flies, and it seems to be going faster and faster all the time. I signed up for a neat little email newsletter from that will send daily helpful holiday hints. When the first one arrived on Friday, I almost passed out..ha came with a countdown for how many days left until the holidays!!
So today, days left until ...Thanksgiving-17 days, Christmas- 50 days, and New Years-57 days!! Do you feel my panic?! We are having our housewarming party on Sunday the 18th and 4 days later is Thanksgiving. Apparently, I didn't think that one through really.

I have the girls started on their holiday wish lists, and I myself need to continue to plug away at unpacking and settling us in. I also need to arrange for a family picture, and get started on our holiday newsletter.

How are your holiday preparations coming along?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

So last night my girls morphed into a monkey, a witch, a spa girl and a cheerleader...Ashlyne- the cheerleader (I know, shocker, huh?!)
Cortney- a spa girl (all her idea, and it was the cheapest and easiest costume ever!)

Jordanna- a witch (costume from the box, she wore it when she was like 7...)

Laney was a monkey. Apparently a very unhappy monkey. Ask her what she was wearing she said "a bunky". :)

Cortney went to a party at her friend's, one of the girls from Maplewood. We took the other girls around the old neighborhood. It was cold but not too cold and they got more candy than any kids need...Hope you all had a very happy Halloween.