Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's almost summertime...

We survived another year of dance!! The recitals went great on Saturday! Ashlyne did great in both of hers and was so excited to get her first trophy, for 3 years of dancing!
Jordanna also received a trophy- for finishing her 8th year of dancing! I can't believe we've been doing this that long! Jordanna did a great job as well. I think we are all relieved to call it a year.

Cortney and Jordanna have just this week of school and then Monday is their last day. We are all looking forward to sleeping in and all the fun things summer has in store for us! So with that, here is my Summer Top Ten!

Top 10 Things I love about Summer:
1. Warm temperatures and SUNSHINE!!
2. Sleeping in
3. BBQ'ing and just hanging out with friends and family more
4. Margaritas on the porch
6. Hydros in the Tri-Cities
7. swimming in the pool
8. daylight savings
9. 4th of July! - my birthday and fireworks
10. the smell of coconut tanning oil
11. Football Season is almost here!
Top 10 Least Favorite things about Summer:
1. sunburns
2. sand everywhere (trips to the beach/lake)
3. plethora of dirty wet towels
4. the never clean kitchen floor from kids running through there coming in and out of house
5. "I'm bored!!" cry of the kids home on summer break
6. packing and preparing for camping
7. unpacking and laundry from camping
8. mosquitos
9. watching forest fire after forest fire on the news
10. its not football season yet! :)
I'll have more pictures soon...

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