Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trip to the dentist...

I found a Children's dentist up here near our house, and scheduled appointments for all 4 girls. Ashlyne had been to the dentist before, along with Cortney and Jordie, but its been more than a year since their last visit, as we had some insurance changes and went without dental for the last year or so. Laney had not yet visited the dentist.

So Ashlyne and Laney had an appointment this morning. I scheduled it for 10am, which in itself was a bit challenging, as at 10am they are usually just moving around and having some breakfast. But by 9:45 this morning, we were dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, breakfast had, and out the door.

What a cool place!! There is a playroom that has books, games, a train set, a castle playhouse with a slide, arcade games and a 3 horse carousel ride. And the games and ride do not require money!! Yay! The girls were having a blast! Which was almost a problem- Laney didn't want to leave the playroom when their names were called. I was really nervous about how Laney was going to act, as many times at the dr. I have to hold her down for even simple things like letting the dr. look in her ears.

Ashlyne did really well, sat still for the xrays, and was still and cooperative for the cleaning and the dentist examination. They put sunglasses on them to help with the bright light in their face. Ash has a set of molars coming in within the next 6 months the dentist said, and a few of her teeth are just starting to feel the slightest bit wiggly- she was very excited about that. She does have one cavity in a molar. Which is in the top, down in a crevice. The dentist said she would probably have a hard time even getting to it with her brush. She will be getting a filling next week.

Laney was freaked out having to lay down and having someone poking in her mouth, but she did much better than I expected. I held her hand and just kept reassuring her and of course, coaxed her with the promise of a treat when she was done. And she laid there and even opened her mouth. And didn't scream. lol Success!! Her teeth looked great!

The dentist also said that they both have beautiful teeth and they have nice positioning (even Ash's permanant teeth he could see on xray) which means he does not for see any need for orthodontics for either of them at this point. Hallelujah!! With one kid already in braces, we've been worried at how many more we will have...

So they got a bag of goodies (new toothbrush, floss, stickers) and got to choose something out of a vending machine with a token the dentist gave them. All in all, a good experience and Ashlyne is even looking forward to going back! :)

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