Thursday, February 7, 2008

Enough is Enough already

So I and Craig have been sick since last week. Cortney came home Sunday sick. Jord started feeling sick Tuesday, Laney has been coughin all week, but it hasn't slowed her I went to the dr. finally Tues night and have bronchitis. Haven't slept much this week with the kids all being sick, waking up to take temps, give meds, etc.Then the wind last night- holy jesus. Ash and Laney were both scared so they were in our bed half the night. Then Ashlyne starts running a fever at like 5am this morning.

Enough already!! I want to be well (which is hard to get to when you aren't getting any sleep) and I want the kids to be well! So we are quarantined. lol.

bright spots:

Craig stayed home Monday to help out since he didn't feel well and I was feeling really bad. That was great because I was able to sleep all day pretty much.

A new friend of ours sent over dinner last night. lasagna, bread, salad, even cookies. That was awesome and sooo appreciated!! I must say that after having 3 babies and going thru numerous illnesses, I do not recall anyone ever bringing my family dinner. What a blessing!


Doris J said...

Hope you guys get to feeling better soon! I hate how a family has to share everything! LOL

That was supper nice of your friend!

I started a fever today so I was able to cancel all my plans for tomorrow so I'm going to spend most of the day in bed. My boys are teen so even when they get home from school they can take care of them selves.

Molly said...

Boy can I relate! We've got the same thing and are very slowly recovering. We all just want to be well too! That's so sweet someone brought you dinner. Sometimes I think old fashioned kindness like that might be gone forever. My neighbors did that when Emma was born and boy it was appreciated!

Breeni Books said...

Our entire household is sick, as well. This stuff is awful! Hope you feel better soon.

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