Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Gratitude

One of my goal's for 2008 was to blog more. I miss writing, I used to do so much journal writing and I just don't anymore. (must be the 4 kids running around here..)

So I want to continue to keep everyone updated on anything exciting in our lives, and do a better job at that, but I also wanted to start getting on here more to just write. So I hope you will come along for the ride. Sometimes I might just post musings, funny stories, goals, dreams, plans. It could be anything. It could be nothing.

I want to start committing particular days to a specific post. This might help me get motivated. So Friday's are going to be "Friday Gratitude". I will post what I'm grateful for that week. So here we go!!

Friday Gratitude (week 1)

This week I am thankful for my best friend- my husband. He is such a hard worker, even doing a side job last week that kept him at the shop til 9pm one night. He does this to provide for our family, and he rarely complains. He puts up with me, and I can be challenging. He still adores me and that is amazing. I love him with all of my heart, would absolutely be lost without him. I can hardly remember life before him, and that is probably a good thing. lol

7 years ago tomorrow- we had our first date, and our first kiss. (yes, tsk tsk, I kissed him on our first date ;) and I kid you not, fireworks. We both knew something amazing was happening. Who knew that this would be the road we would travel. I LOVE YOU!!

This week I am also thankful for another month of bills paid ONTIME!

I am thankful that gas prices went down this week.

I am thankful for cupboards with food in them, a warm house, and hot showers.

I am thankful that Ashlyne seems to finally be kicking the crud she has been carrying around since before Christmas.

I am thankful that my children are generally in good health.

I am thankful for their smiles and laughter, that each day keep me going.

This week, I am full of gratitude.

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