Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ocean Shores

I'm behind. again. Please forgive me. I know a lot of you have been waiting for new pictures. Sorry!! So here are lots of pictures from our overnight trip to the Ocean at Ocean Shores, WA on July 14. Craig, I, Cortney, Ashlyne and Delaney went.
The girls playing in the sand with brand new sand toys!
Craig and I (: Cortney and Dad and Mom
Laney was loving the sand!
The wind blowing in her hair...
Ashlyne diggin...

Cortney striking a pose for me..
This one is kind of blurry, but it captured a funny moment. Laney saw seagulls land on the sand right by here and she was cracking up!!

The water didn't feel that bad actually. The weather was a bit weird, rained a little, but muggy and warm...
I'd say the ocean was a big hit!!

Cortney wrote "Craig+Corina='heart'" in the sand.

Laney snuggling Daddy at dinner

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Mark & Kyla said...

Again and again I am amazed at your post and pictures of everyone. And also once again woulde like to express our feelings of how proud we are of you and Craig and the great job you two of doing and what a great family you two have created.
Aside of all that ebing said.....looks like you all are having a great summer and tons offun. After seeing how much fun they have at Ocean Shores, we can't wait to get them down to the Sea of Cortez, Mexico on the bach where the weather, beach and seahell combing is so much better. They will absolutle LOVE it for sure!!! Once again great job on the blog. LOve you, Mom & Dad