Thursday, September 20, 2007

We are buying a new house!!!

BIG NEWS!!! We are buying a new house!! We began our search around the beginning of September and we found a house we fell in love with. We put an offer in, and it was accepted! Just Tuesday we had the home inspection and when that went well, we signed off on that, and our agent put up the sold sign!!
We are scheduled to close on October 12, taking posession by the 15th. So we are packing and making all the necessary arrangements. This is going to be a huge move for us, as the girls will be switching schools and that is a first for our family! They've been at the same school since they started kindergarten. So its a new neighborhood, new school district, and a new school. BIG CHANGES!
So here is the new house! Its in a gated community (not a huge community, but nice size). There is a park with a full basketball court about 3 blks away, in our community.
This is part of the backyard and our patio.

This is the pond and waterfall in the far corner of the yard.

Sunken tub in the master bath. :-)

Backyard- completely fenced!!! All it needs is a big playtoy! (ok, and some fertilizer, but I trust that Craig will be on that!)

Family room, gas fireplace

My gorgeous new kitchen!

We are all really excited! We are sad to be leaving Puyallup and Maplewood though. The girls are apprehensive about starting a new school and meeting lots of new people, and wearing a uniform everyday (new school has a uniform dress code). But they are excited about a new house, a yard to play in again, and a neighborhood that they can go play in!
Other than that, things remain crazy busy around here. Soccer is going well for Ashlyne, she still isn't liking all the running, but she is enjoying it and seems to be learning a lot.
Volleyball signups were this week, and Cortney and Jordanna are both playing. Their first practice is this Saturday. At the same time as Ashlyne's soccer game of course! lol...
Craig is very busy at work and I am trying to do the mom thing, and pack up our house and make all the arrangements... :)
Have a great week everyone!!!

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