Friday, July 13, 2007

Delayed Update

So I am lattte updating I know. Its been busy over here! And I forgot how this photo uploading works, so these pictures are backwards! UGH...well here goes a ton of pictures.
First are pictures from our camping trip to Lake Cushman last weekend. We were there Thursday until Sunday. We had a double site and we had all 7 of our kids, plus our friends Adam and Nicole and their 5 kids, and our friend Devron, and Jordan's girlfriend Alexis. We had a great time! First up, Delaney figured out that grabbing handfuls of dirt and throwing them on herself and up in the air to land on herself was a lot of fun! ha ha...we were calling her Jungle baby!
Let's just say by the time we got home, I had to empty her bathwater twice before I got her clean! LOL...but she had a great time and was really good. This was her first camping trip since she was only a few months old.
Next up, a family picture. LOL...we were dirty and icky, but dang it, it was the first time we had all the kids camping with us, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a picture.

We had a great time swimming and playing the lake all day Friday and Saturday. We just lugged coolers down and spent the day. This is Jordan (standing behind everyone), Alex, Cole, Brittany, and Misti jumping in the lake.
Laney had a good time cruising around in the blow up boat with Daddy.
And playing on this "hot dog" that Adam and Cole brought.

Or just floating in a tube, as long as Misti didn't let go!

Ok, so the night before we left for camping was the 4th of July!!! My birthday and America's. We stayed home and lit off fireworks. GOOD TIMES!
Ashlyne, Misti and Laney watching Daddy light a sparkler:
This was pretty much where Laney spent most of her evening: on Misti's lap with her ears covered. She enjoyed the fireworks a lot actually, they were just loud.

What can I say about this one? It's LOVE :)

This is a rare moment.....Laney talks a lot about her "Bubbo" as she calls him, but she gets shy when he gets too close to her. So when she let him pick her up, Jordan said "get the camera!!" So sweet..

Sorry I was a week late, but I hope you enjoy the pictures! I have Ashlyne's 5th birthday pictures coming up.... :)

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